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The Lifelicious Podcast explores the connection of food, your mind and your environment in reclaiming your health and vitality so that you can have all the energy you need to feel beautiful, get stuff done and enjoy your life. Kim Castle, host and creator, has a passion for getting more oomph out of life by changing little things … lots of little things! Kim interviews innovative minds from a wide range of backgrounds—from authors, doctors, practitioners, scientists, athletes, chefs, food and body innovators and more—to discover simple and effective strategies to recover from adrenal burnout, weight gain, hormone dysfunction to getting back to feeling great. And what she learns from these, the best minds in the business, she will share with you. If you're an exhausted Superwoman, feeling like a stranger in your own body, it’s time to make life juicy again!!
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Mar 23, 2016

After decades of buying expensive creams, serums and lotions filled with chemicals, Kim Castle discovers the science behind stem cells for facial rejuvenation. And gets up and personal with Stem Cell Pioneer Dr. Alan Gaveck to discover if stem cells are a viable option for dealing with aging skin. Is this a ground-breaking innovative procedure for removing wrinkles and turning back the clock without expensive and potentially harmful side effects of pharmaceuticals and expensive chemical-laden creams and serums? Listen and learn with me...

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